P1tLab is a global network of teams of scholars pursuing research on tourism microentrepreneurship through participatory Action Research.  The P1tLab at NC State leads this initiative, but there are several other P1tLabs across the world, pursuing related but independent research agendas.  We share our endorsement of the People-First Tourism Manifesto, we share our commitment to Participatory Action Research best practices, and we collaborate on writing technical publications and funding proposals. 

Below are the P1tLabs around the world:

P1tLab at University of the South Pacific, Fiji
P1tLab lead contact: Alexander Trupp

P1tLab at Tadeo University, Colombia
P1tLab lead contact: Diana Zoraida Castelblanco Caicedo


P1tLab at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan
P1tLab lead contact: Kazem Vafadari