Use the most ethical and rigorous methods to study tourism microentrepreneurship


Human Agency

Integrate participants in the research process to enable conscientization

Strong Inference

Achieve deeper understandings of findings with longitudinal data

Reciprocal Benefits

Create income opportunities for participants in partnership with P1t, Inc. social venture



People-First Tourism Lab (P1tLab) is a global network of academic tourism programs which creates research, publication, and teaching opportunities while creating an innovative marketplace for buying and selling genuine tourism experiences. This academic research and teaching collaborative links university tourism programs with tourism microentrepreneurs trying to pursue dignified and sustainable livelihoods through tourism with adventurous and conscientious tourists interested in unique off the beaten path experiences while making positive impacts on the communities they visit. The P1tLab employs a participatory action research methodology to investigate tourism microentrepreneurship and its effect on participating individuals and communities.  

P1tLab is a product of North Carolina State University, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. P1tLab leverages the work and insight of an eclectic group of committed faculty and students from a global network of university tourism programs. The project also involves the endorsement, expertise and work of partners in target communities.